1) Simply Fill Out Network 256 Form below.

2) You will receive your 256 Box on your doorstep within a week.

3) Fill the 256 Box with the specific items needed (List included in box).

4) On appointed day for pick up, place 256 Box on your porch.  Pick up dates are typically on Thursdays, once per month.  

    You will receive notification on the Monday prior to your pick up date. 

5) We will leave a new 256 Box when we pick up your exisiting one.  You will receive a new box once per month.

6) Follow us on Facebook to stay up to date with how you are making a difference.

HIs kingdom come...


Are you hungry for something more?  Do you ask yourself, "Is this all there is?"  

You were created by Love, to love.  You're part of Something big...

A Body!  A Kingdom!

A Network of believers ready to be the gift.

Whatever you have, whatever you are, is useful to God.

Network 256 invites you to join what God is already doing through others

by using the best offering--yourself--to love the Shoals.

You are proof of His love.

Proof there's more.